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Laudate pueri Dominum: VI. Gloria Patri - Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710–1736)

1,723 plays

Laudate pueri Dominum: VI. Gloria Patri, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi; Philippe Jaroussky, Diego Fasolis, I Barocchisti

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Arya of Stark by Jeni Kubicek


Tim Etchells

❝ May I write words more naked than flesh,
stronger than bone, more resilient than
sinew, sensitive than nerve. ❞

Sappho (via litverve)



un / une gosse

Definition: (informal) - kid; (Québec) - testicle

Combien de gosses as-tu? - How many kids do you have?

Quel sale gosse! - What a brat!

Be careful with this word when traveling to Canada, as it has a completely different meaning:

Je suis marié avec trois gosses.
(France): I’m married with three kids
(Québec): I’m married with three testicles

Expressions: Il est beau gosse - He’s cute; un gosse de riches - spoiled rich kid

(Taken from mot du jour)

Peter Capaldi - Then & Now

Local Hero (1983) ll Doctor Who (2014)


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